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The most important task of preventative fire protection is to keep emergency exits smoke-free, to enable people to find their way to safety on their own, if possible. Smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) divert the smoke efficiently from the building after automatic or manual triggering.

A GEZE smoke and heat extraction system is used for the routine ventilation of rooms and also, in the event of fire, for smoke extraction. Here the emergency power supply unit
controls smoke and heat extraction. The windows, smoke flaps and light domes are opened and closed by means of electric drives. For ventilation purposes control is via vent
switch, rain/wind control or timer and in the event of an alarm, manually via RWA switch or automatically via smoke or heat difference detectors. In addition, optional alarm signals
can be connected up as well

RWA systems, consisting of at least:
– The opening system
– The emergency power supply unit
– The RWA switch
– An automatic triggering such as a smoke detector